The Mime Radio Show: a podcast

Here’s a little secret: Mimes love to talk!

And, if you are a creative person -- what they have to say will spark your artistic soul and motivate you to find your own voice.

Specifically, they want to tell you about the pursuit of authenticity in their artistic life. They’ll tell you mime demands discipline as well as creativity and ultimately becomes a lifelong exploration. With great excitement they can relate the unique satisfaction of developing and performing devised work and how collaboration stirs creativity. They’ll start with “What is mime?” and go on to “Why mime?” And then they’ll tell you of their passionate commitment to mime as the root of artistic endeavors that range from classic forms to hybrid storytelling to clown and vaudeville.  And they’ll share the importance of teaching, which passes on both a physical discipline and knowledge base as well as the confidence to shape new work.

James Donlon and Karen Hoyer launched The Mime Radio Show Podcast as an opportunity to interview notable performers and teachers in The Mime World. It’s a chance to create an archive of inspiring lives, but more importantly, it’s a legacy of encouragement for creative souls everywhere.

We enjoyed these conversations immensely and hope that you will too. Find us at