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Other Performance Projects and Upcoming Shows

It is my joy and delight to work with a variety of talented artists sharing our work throughout the city. Click the photos to get the links!

Chicago Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs at La Rabida Hospital

We create moments of joy, wonder, laughter and comfort for hospitalized children and all others who need it the most.

Currently our program at La Rabida Children's Hospital has become a virtual visit program on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Vaudeville Chicago

It is our mission to employ the eccentric variety entertainments of vaudeville to create performance experiences for diverse audiences, especially those in medical and community institutions.

We hope to return to our friends in area facilities, for now we stay in touch virtually.

Puppet Projects

Karen teamed up with Carol Trobe and Freddie Levin to create KFC Puppet Partners-- using their initials (but also admitting a fondness for chicken puppets...) Click here to watch videos on their youtube channel or keep up to date on projects by joining them on Facebook. Watch for upcoming performances at the Nasty, Brutish & Short Puppet Cabaret, now a virtual event.

Chicago Senior
Clown Troupe

This unique troupe of "60yrs or Better"meets once a month for classes with Karen then heads out to perform in a variety of senior centers. Programming is suspended for the time being.

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