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Look through the menu of shows and strolling entertainment -- pick out what you need or contact me to custom design something to fit your venue and event theme.  


Open a box of Instant mime and there's notelling what you'll get! Karen Hoyer delivers a mixture of mime, music and storytelling with just the right sense of humor to dish u pa show that's fun and entertaining for all.

The professor appears ready to give a lecture but the language she speaks is mime and the message is communication.  The body is the voice that speaks with emotions created of gestures.  Character, setting, plot, conflict -- all aspects of story telling are alive in the movements of a mime.


A clown obsessed by time, a tiny blue horned puppet contemplating the existence of God, a headless man asked to give a speech, and a woman suffering from writer's block induced insomnia... four strikingly different vignettes utilizing mime, mask, clown and puppetry to portray the universal by exposing the personal.

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